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GR Keilams My Blue Boy Buddy

ASCA Registered


Buddy is a very attractive blue merle that loves to be the center of attention, he has an intensely bred working back ground with many Hall of Fame ( HOF) and Working Trial Champions (WTCH) in his pedigree he is Slash V bred on the bottem side and Hangin Tree on the top- this guy has lots of working instinct and would be really fun to work- When he is not protecting his varied assortment of toys he also loves to play ball and frizbee, we enjoyed several flyball sessions and improvments where noted almost every one, > Buddy went to the MASC show in Brandon in 2009 and went again Feb 2012 and competed in open blue male and then did Juniors with his "Boy" Quinnton , very pleased for a fearm dog that got plunked into a show ring - Buddy learned alot in the grooming aspect as he has a very plush coat and required several baths and clips he still needs some work, but for the dog that he is we are happy as he did not come to us until later in life with limited life experiences - poor farm dog!

Jill and "Buddy" stacking in the ring. Nov 21/09 Manitoba Australian Shepherd Club/Canadian Kennel Club show

Hangin Bar J Young Gun

ASCA Reg. Red Merle 

Sire _ GR Keilams My Blue Boy Buddy 

Dam _ Mount Joy Hangin Bar T Daisy

This young male was HIT ( Herding Instinct Tested ) at 6 months old at and passed  with Roy Sage doing the testing, at 4U Farms.