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What we are looking for in our mares:

number 1 confirmation 2 temperment 3 bloodlines 4 quality of the foal they raise 5 performance abilities

We have recently cut down our herd and have been able to spend more time with our girls and give them more 1 on 1 quality care, we like having younger mares in our band when they are not raising a foal we have the option of riding them, we also dedicate time to the  older girls that have proven them selves for many years, they come up into the old girl pen in the winter and get babied as well as massage therapy treatments :)

For Sale - Keens Going Quick, 11 yr old AQHA mare that is a consistant colour producer, preg checked in foal for this coming spring , Leo top and bottem, Three Bar and Chickado V all right there

LLW Drift N Peaches AQHA 2003 ( Baldy Queen X Crimson Drifter)

Diamonds Gold Gal AQHA 2002 ( Freedom Dry Socks X Diamonds Or Gold)

Royally Fuzzed Over AQHA 2001 ( Buckeye Barry X Ty's Bar Lee Roy)

Double Rose Jewel AQHA 2001 ( Willy's Little Son X Sherlocks Jewel)

Red Rogue Mujer AQHA 1999 ( Rovin Beau Jangles X Nu Stats Trinket )

Nu Te N Pep AQHA 1996 ( Nu Secos Levan X Pepsi Bee)

Miss Crimson Drifter AQHA 2001 ( Willy's Little Son X Ritzy's Crimson)

TW Tes Image AQHA 2004 ( Breeze Acres Caesar X Tes Copper Trinket )

Casis Brea AQHA 1991 ( Snippy's Driftwood X Pocodo Jesse )

Ima Dry Doc Treasure AQHA 1991 ( Dry Doc Goldy X LMS Poco April )

Kilebar Mandy AQHA 1994 ( Sailing Bar Moon X Cheney Starlight )

TW Dry Doc Gem AQHA 2004 ( Breeze Acres Caesar X Ima Dry Doc Treasure )

Dry Doc Jewel AQHA 2003 ( Breeze Acres Caesar X Ima Dry Doc Treasure )

TW Dry Doc Jade AQHA 2006 ( Breeze Acres Caesar X Ima Dry Doc Treasure )